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Ortus, derived from Latin, translates to 'Rise; Birth; Origin; Beginnings.' It stands as a community-powered dynamic academic organization. This initiative was established by Dipo and Awf based on the principles of a community that serves itself, with a focus on charitable causes.


When individuals find themselves 'somewhere,' it's often because they are there for 'somebody.’ Take Cre8ors, for example—many were there for Sidney, while others seek networking experiences, vision, or various other reasons.

Ortus follows a similar pattern, I’m a networking guy and I’ll do what I’m best at. I’ll bring people together like how matchmaking works, but instead of couples it’s mutual interests. Someone else in Ortus, has their own specialty as well and they can meet like-minded people by contributing to the organization, exploring the organization or simply exist and meet a mutual friend.

Ortus follows a similar pattern. As someone skilled in networking, I'll focus on what I do best: bringing people together, akin to matchmaking. However, instead of pairing couples, I'll connect individuals based on mutual interests.

Similarly, others in Ortus have their own expertise, allowing them to engage with like-minded individuals through various avenues within the organization or simply by being present and connecting with shared acquaintances.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and making a living doing what we enjoy.

At our present stage, Ortus may not be perceived as having immediate 'value' since it's still in the phase of 'organic growth.' It's when we transition to the next stage, established recognition, that people are expected to show interest. However, I don't fully agree with this approach.

My goal is to foster a network of individuals who share common interests, where trust is cultivated, and relationships are strengthened. I acknowledge my value in certain skills, they recognize their strengths in specific areas, and together, by pooling our abilities, we shape the identity of Ortus.

Ortus isn't for everyone; exclusivity is the appearance of this organization.

When people encounter 'Ortus,' we want them to perceive a society of only the highest quality individuals, each representing the best interests of the group.


In late September 2023, as I engaged in space recaps and participated in various discussions on X (formerly Twitter), I encountered individuals who lacked a clear understanding of the term Web3.

Amid my daily interactions, I often met people predominantly situated in Web2, the traditional society devoid of knowledge about cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.

They frequently inquired about Web3 and the terminology used to categorize individuals based on the societies they inhabit.

Recognizing the need for education in this space, I reached out to Dipo and scheduled a call where we shared our aspirations and personal histories.

Despite our differing moral perspectives—he valuing inclusivity, and I favoring exclusivity—we both harbored charitable intentions.

By the end of our conversation, we decided to establish Ortus, an educational networking hub.

With his skills as a writer complementing my networking expertise, our goal is to contribute to the understanding of the vast ecosystem we inhabit.

On January 28, 2024, Dipo was dismissed by a majority vote within the organization due to his conduct becoming inappropriate. Specific details are undisclosed to protect the privacy of Dipo and all individuals involved. With Dipo's dismissal, Ortus scaled back its operations, concentrating on hosting spaces and networking with high-profile individuals to solidify its presence in the Web3 community.


Ortus aims to establish itself as the leading brand for Web3 education accessible to Web2.

Many of our team members are also involved in other teams hosting real-life events targeting either Web3 or Web2 audiences.

By building a robust brand, every event we attend will make individuals and businesses recognize us as the go-to brand that offers valuable education for free to everyone.

The key question many will ask is "Why?"

Our answer is simple: this is the right approach to promote mass adoption. Numerous industry thought leaders advocate for 'mass adoption' without fully comprehending how to execute it.

Many individuals in Web2 remain there due to its simplicity.

If we can't provide that simplicity in Web3 and instead say things like "If you don't DYOR, we can't help you" or "Welcome to Web3, DYOR and good luck!"—that's not mass adoption.

Mass adoption involves simplifying the already straightforward roadmap. People might be interested, but if it's too complicated for them to understand, the learning curve could be overwhelming.

It's akin to explaining how to use an online bank account for transfers instead of going to the ATM to the elderly.

Many people have misconceptions about our industry, and we shouldn't be overly upset with those who don't understand.

Let them hold their beliefs; we will continue to build, and eventually, they will naturally gravitate here as governments start acknowledging this technology.

Bitcoin began as a means of trading illegal money, but today it's recognized as one of the most valuable digital assets globally, second only to gold.

If that transformation is possible, with patience, anything is possible. This is the message Ortus aims to convey.

<aside> 🔴 “To receive value, we must first provide value.” — Dipo



While our primary activity is centered around Discord and X, we recognize that many Web2 users prefer Telegram.

Consequently, we've established a Telegram chat channel for discussions!

If you have any uncertainties, feel free to ask us, and we'll be delighted to assist!